A place where your family can live, grow and express individuality. Welcome to your new subdivision.



Lots Available 

Developed lots are ready to be built on, with a home you choose, by the builder you choose, in a quite subdivision in Bradley-Bourbonnais area.  

Land Contract Sales

 An installment contract sale plan is an option for developed lots. Lots are available with a down payment of  $2500. Choose your favorite lot and build! 

Residential Contract Sales

Convert your rent payment to a house payment with our residential contract plans. No bank qualification is required. Credit score alone will not disqualify. 


Property owners can choose their own builder, design their own floor plans, and buy building material from whom they choose.

To maintain the distinctiveness of Hunters Run and each home, style and size of each home must be approved by Hunters Run Subdivision Development.  

Hunters Run is located 1.5 miles east of Rt. 50 on Armour Road. 

St. George Elementary School District

Bradley-Bourbonnais High School District